• More Than Now - Moosey

    More Than Now - Moosey

    Excited to be included in this group show "More Than Now" at Moosey in Hoxton, London, UK.

    Introducing ‘MORE THAN NOW’—a reflection on the concept of ‘psychological safety’, a culture of rewarded vulnerability. It's about being genuinely comfortable to express yourself, share ideas, and learn from others without fear of judgment or repercussion. While authenticity empowers, we may find ourselves exposed to risk, uncertain about who genuinely has our best interests at heart.

    Group Exhibition presented by Lisa Boudet @blisalisab at Moosey Gallery @mooseyart
    4 Rosewood Building, Hackney Road,
    Hoxton, London E2 8GY
    March 28th - April 20th 2024

    List of participating Artists includes:
    Amber Larks @amberlarks
    Emily Yong Beck @emilyyongbeck
    Meghann Stephenson @meghannstephenson
    Maria Szakats @maria.magdalena.sz
    Charline Tyberghein @charlinetyberghein
    Hamish Chapman @cheesy.biscuits
    Masha Morgunova @mmmorgunova
    Annie Duncan @annieduncan_
    Judit Kristensen @judit.kristensen
    Ally Rae Peeples @allyraepeeples
    Laura Watters @laurawatters
    Youngmin Park @_mae_ee
    Martin Herold @martinherold1
    Alex Long @bauhaus4lyfe
    Olivier Lepront @olivierlepront
    Pieter Ceizer @ceizer
    Filippo Moroni @_filippomoroni
    Gongmo Zhou @gongmozhou
    Royal Jarmon @royal_jarmon
    Thomas Martinez Pilnik @tmpilnik
    Christian Ulloa @c.ull_
    Sebastien Alouf @sebal74
    Nick Fusaro @ellsworthjelly
    Alex Hanna @hanna9146
    Bradley Ward @brvdley

  • Psychic Jacuzzi

    Psychic Jacuzzi

    I just finished hosting @psychicjacuzzi on instagram. The account allows artists to share their process, influences, current shows, and what they're working on.

  • Upcoming Shows

    Upcoming Shows

    I'll be a part of three shows in February. Feel free to reach out for more details.

    02/01/24- Timequake Luxury @ South of Shaw
    1755 Broadway St #107, Fresno, CA 93721

    02/02/24- Cakes as a Loaded Gun @ The Oval Gallery
    808 N. Court, Visalia, CA 93291

    02/03/24- Art from the Heart @ SSU University Gallery
    1801 E Cotati Ave, Rohnert Park, CA 94928